I'm Connor!

I'm a full-stack developer from the UK.

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This website! Made with help from Kognise.

hehe fart

Ever wanted to produce a hilarious fart sound with one click? Now you can! With hehe fart, you can generate a comedic fart effect easily and fast. Guaranteed laugh or your money back.


shard.pictures is a ShareX file host with a twist. All files are distributed across a network of nodes, hosted on Replit. It uses ReplDB to store files through all the storage nodes. Try it out for free by reading the README.


i-love.rocks is an informational website explaining the current tyranny of rocks nowadays, and how companies use an evil manufacturing ploy to sell less rock.


Dating nowadays is so hard. That's why I made dateconnor.today! dateconnor.today is a great way for almost anyone to leave great reasons to date me!!! what could go wrong!!